Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Much later their tongues twined...

End of January howls and yowls, shapeshifter lovers.

Here's another sneak peek of my current ShapeShifter Seductions WIP. My time is just so limited to write these days. Anyway, my winged horse heroine, Keina, and her more-than-human hero, Drev, are getting to know one another after another steamy lovemaking session.

This very unedited scene is a compilation of the end of one chapter and the beginning of the next chapter.

Much later their tongues twined...

Much later their tongues twined, seductively twisting, stroking. Each slide and caress was a slow dance to be savored, to be enjoyed as a beautiful eroticism.

"Drev, wow." Her words came out as breath against his lips pressed tenderly against hers.

"Wow," he echoed. Drev spread his fingers, slipping them up the back of her head in a sensual caress.

Keina answered, gently running her fingertips along the side of his handsome face.

"You know," he began, "I have enough supplies here for a thirty year standoff."


A naughty grin formed on his sexy lips. "Naw, filly girl. I heard that said once, and grabbed it. I do have plenty of everything here, if we were to get snowed in until the spring thaw."

Keina twirled a strand of his hair around her finger, relishing the vibrant silkiness -- and loving that they were still joined together, his cock still filling her pussy. "Is that an invitation?"

"It is." His eyes flared, their jeweled sharpness penetrating her. When she didn't immediately respond, he continued. "I do have a safe hideout at Dante's, just in case the world goes bad. Or there's some major emergency in the Peak. It's at what Dante's calls his subterranean survival wing. Couple of years ago, he  had an underground shelter built that could house everyone in Talbot's Peak."

"I know his Pleasure Club is humongous. Palatial as we would say." Keina hesitated. She brushed a lock of his hair from his forehead, rethinking what she'd been about to say.

At his earnest and rapt expression, she continued. "I've never been inside, but I did fly above."

"Were you invisible?" he asked. Threading his fingers through her hair, Drev continued sensually combing her tresses. 

Keina nodded once. "I sort of aerial mapped the Pleasure Club with my, my supernatural senses. But I had not a clue Dante built an underground survival area. For the entire population?"

"Yep. 'Course, new shifter and paranormal folks keep moving here, so Dante hired a staff that continues to build and keep it supplied. Right now, the central gathering room is a kiddie playground for the parents who work and have businesses at the club. For anyone who needs it, they have a place to stay."

Keina frowned, considering what Drev revealed. Soar the clouds, as the saying went in her realm, there was so much more to Talbot's Peak than she'd initially imagined, could ever have believed.

She flowed her hand over Drev's fine mane, saying, "That's noble. But, is Dante that wealthy?"

Drev kissed the tip of her nose, and Keina's inner horse appreciated his affectionate lip nuzzle, tossing her tail. "He's wealthy enough. Dante pours most of the club's revenue into good maintenance and new projects. A group of us contribute regularly to the survival wing's expansion -- to have our already-prepared rooms."

"Oh. Then if there's a catastrophe, you have a safe home."

"The unprepared man is no man at all." Drev's gaze switched to somber, and sadness lurked like a hidden predator in his eyes. "My father used to say that whenever my brother and I complained about the work we did to keep the ranch stocked up with extra supplies."

"Your sire sounds like a wise man."

"In many ways, yes. I'd like to mend some fences with him. Someday..." Drev touched his lips to hers. "What about your family, little filly girl?"

Emotion trembled through Keina followed by a sharp longing, like a hoof kick to her midsection. "I miss them. Both my sire and dam have been nothing but caring and wonderful...unlike what I hear while in this dimension."

Drev's gaze hardened, and Keina witnessed his stud-protective nature. "What about the man who assaulted you...and your King? Did they have a good upbringing?"

"We call it herd-arrogant politics. When stallions believe they're more powerful than everyone else in the kingdom."

"A few well-aimed kicks to the head would end that."

Amused by the scene unfolding in her head – of the prince and the King being mightily smacked in the head by Drev's kicks – Keina giggled. She palmed his stubbly jaw. "You know, hunter, you remind me of the god statues."


Drev buzzed inside. A live electrical wire might as well have run the length of him. "God statues?"

Keina scrunched her brow, and he watched her memory surface in those sparkly incredible eyes of hers. He raised from her a few inches so he could fully see her face.

"The Garden of Ancients...it's a bowl-shaped area of land in the midst of a mountain range that stretches like a serpent across our northern rangelands. You can't see the Garden from the ground. Only by flight. The carpet of grass is always a bright shade of green, but isn't munchable."

"Munchable?" He couldn't help but grin. He slipped his fingers from her gorgeous hair, and traced her fragile-looking cheekbone.

"It tastes sour." Keina's expression mirrored her words. "The ancient ones must have designed it to discourage grazing. The fountains are the same way. The water won't hurt you, but the taste is almost vile." Her nose wrinkled adorably.

Tearing his gaze away before her sheer loveliness distracted him, Drev asked, "What kind of fountains?"

"The fountains are with each statue, thirty-three of them. Hmmm..." she absently stroked the nape of his neck, "the closest would be the most beautiful fountains in your country of Italy. Have you seen them?"

"Some, while on a mission. That's a story for another day," he added quickly.

"Yes, your military missions," she began.

Drev didn't ask what she'd seen when touching his mind. The woman was here. That's all that mattered to him. Obviously, she hadn't been frightened off by what she'd glimpsed of his special-ops past.

"Your facial features, the structure of your body...it's like these gods." Keina paused, roaming her gaze over his face. "Only they're twice your size." 

Intrigued to his core, Drev uttered, "Giants." Horrific pictures flashed before his mind's eye of the giant's stadium as the staff at the black-project facility had called the immense room inside the compound where he'd been held -- and experimented on like a damn rat in an impossible maze.

"Genetic farming." The words used by one of the more forthcoming scientists -- at least, one who would talk to him on the sly -- escaped Drev's lips before he could stop them.

Drev shook his head, suppressing his nasty recall of those times. "I didn't look like the genetically farmed giants, the ones I saw inside tubes," he explained.

"There are many humanoid breeds, hunter. Over a hundred thousand as recorded by our Wise Ones. At what you would call a university. However, the god statues remain a mystery to us. We only know they were the origin race of the Celtic gods."

"Celtic gods." Drev spoke more sharply than he intended. Every muscle and sinew of him tightened brutally. "I feel like a guitar that has been strung too tight," he forced out at Keina's look of concern.

He'd learned the hard way that women needed such communication or... Christ, he didn't want to lose her.

"You are resonating." Keina smoothed her hand over his painfully bunched shoulder muscles, soothing him with her soft touch.

"Resonating?" he asked, though he well knew what she meant.

"There must be a family connection to these gods," she stated. "Your powers, hunter, are greater than most Earth humans. I mean, during this current time period on Earth."

"How do you know..." Drev bit his tongue as a dozen different questions piled inside his head. 

"By the way, hunter," Keina whispery crooned, "Skin to skin, your body covering mine, I adore it." She lazily shimmied beneath him.

"Me, too. Especially when you move like that."


Wishing you love and passion on the wild side in the New Year


Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance


Serena Shay said...

Poor Drev, not to happy about being likened to the Giants. Of course, in one context that might not be so bad...proportionally speaking. hehe ;)

Savanna Kougar said...

Oh yeah, he likes being her 'giant' in the lovemaking department... hehe...

Pat C. said...

What's wrong with giants? (Thinks of Sam Winchester and sighs.) But then, most men other than Michael J. Fox are giants to someone my size.

I'm guessing a lot of Brand Fledermaus's money is also tied up in Dante's bunker, along with donated food.

Wouldn't a flying shifter feel claustrophobic underground?

Savanna Kougar said...

Nothing wrong with giants, except for the ones -- not all giants ~~ who were cannibals with double rows of teeth. I think it was in Utah?... however, an Indian tribe exterminated a tribe of cannibal giants by trapping them in a cave with fire and smoke... anyway, that legend was proven true when they found the cave, and the giant skeletons... no, the mainstream doesn't report on that.

Good point about Keina not liking an underground home... I thought about that, but she hasn't 'neighed' yet what is true for her... although in her realm, such underground structures don't exist.

Yep, Brand Fledermaus is definitely one of the key contributors.