Friday, January 23, 2015

So Close...





“Juliet, Gina, or Katie?”

“No, Nope and definitely not!” Ziva looked at Nick over the bassinet where their twins slept, convinced her mate was just throwing names out there at this point to get on her nerves.  “They’d call her Kat, Nick, Kat!  Our beautiful girl is an Alpha wolf, not a cat.”

“No, you’re right about that, Katie is a no go, but fracking Lupa, Ziva, work with me here.  This girl needs a name.”

“I know.”  Did she ever.  She also knew what she wanted the name to be and for some reason she had no give in her about this one.  “I already told you what I want it, no, need it to be.”

Nick paced the length of the room, running his hands through his sexy locks.  The reds and browns were strong today, tempting her to add her fingers to his and tug, hard, to bring his lips close enough to nibble on.  Hell, only weeks after delivering the dynamic duo and her libido was tapping out a strong, incessant beat.  Even though she was a shifter, and healed faster than the normal human, she would still be out of commission for the next few weeks.  Time to pull it together.

“But Z, why does it have to be that?”

“Is the name that bad, Nick?”

“No, I guess not, but…”

“But what?”  She asked, resetting the cover her little girl was determined to push away.

“Well, think about those initials…G.B.M.”

“So?  Everyone would know of her connection to the Gazette.”

“Ziva, really think about the initials.  Say them out loud.”

“Fine, G.B.M.”  Horror filled her when she heard how they would sound together.  She hadn’t been thinking about the initials, just the beautiful name, Galina Brielle. “Ah, er, okay…I see your point, damn it.  Back to square one.”

She walked out of the nursery, disheartened by the loss of that name, but Nick was right, they could not do that to the next alpha of the pack.  She had to think.

“How about Molly?”




“Jan, Carly or Hannah?” Nick huffed.

“No, Nope, and definitely not!”

Score one for Papa Nick, saving his little princess from uncomfortable initials!  Only problem is now they have to start again.  Doh!  If they wait long enough the up-and-coming alpha might just name herself.

Have a wonderful weekend!


Pat C. said...
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Pat C. said...

"Oh, for the luvva -- listen up, you two. Here's what you do. Quit fartin' around and give the kid a badass name. You know, one without any -elles or -inas in it. I'm talking Milla, like in Milla Jovovich from the Resident Evil movies. I'm telling you, that chick kicks ass and don't even bother taking names. You want your girl to grow up alpha, you gotta give her a name she can measure up to.

"Galina Brielle? Gimme a friggin' break."
-- Ralph, via interoffice memo

Serena Shay said...

Your memo has been received and filed appropriately. Ziva said to tell you it is time for you to get those hairy rocks off and bed down for your long winter siesta.

PS. I like Milla. Thanks

Nick, via memo stabbed to the desk with a sharpened ruler.

Savanna Kougar said...

Ohgosh, that's hysterically funny, you two.

Who's gonna give Ralph a girlfriend, and dare to write about it?

Ziva and Nick, might I respectfully suggest Galina Rielle, or GRM...

Yeah, those sharpened rulers are deadly, and Nick carves them up special. ~grinz~

Serena Shay said...

I know, Pat is a hoot! Such talent, I bet she'd do a fantastic job writing Ralph significant other. :D

That's a good one, Savanna, Galina Rielle. And if I added Ivana to the list it would be a mouthful, but her initials would be GRIM. hehe

Yep, he's been working away at a few rulers now that he has a baby girl. ;)

Savanna Kougar said...

I'm already smiling in anticipation of Pat finding the right *get laid* partner for Ralph... hehehe...

GRIM, that's good!

Nick is a smart-wolf pap. Never hurts to be prepared.

Pat C. said...

Go, Nick! I'm betting he chewed that ruler to a point with his own teeth.

No Ralph story yet. Should inspiration hit, though, I promise to get on it. I've got the title already: "Ursa Minor." Just need an idea.

And if they name her Milla Theresa, her initials would be MTM. Who can turn the world on with her smile ....

Pat C. said...

PS: Serena, you might want to check out the photo I used on my Title Magic blog this week. The fangirls strike again!