Friday, January 7, 2011

Another Time, Another Place

“Where ya’ staying, Mistress?”

Oh hell, that was the third time this incredible man had called her Mistress and Penelope had to admit she was starting too really like it. The thought of taking charge and blowing his sexual mind did strange, and wonderful, things to her.

“The Meet Your Needs Spa, my boss sprung for the two-days to relaxation bliss package.” Though the way his abs moved against her core, as he carried her through the airport, promised her this man was all the relaxation she would need. Gawd, she’d been without face-to-face sexual interaction for far too long. Even Mr. Sunshine, her favorite delightful devise, could only take her so far.

“Are you a Sheila who needs a bit of a veg out—ah relaxing? ‘Cause I’ve heard leathers and feathers can go a long way towards removing stress.”

Penelope nearly embarrassed herself by drooling as his accent thickened and Australian slang slipped into his speech. Life down under just might be the thing for her. She hoped leathers and feathers was another way of saying sex cause she was ready, now, and if a feather was his desire, well, one discreet trip to the bathroom and she could procure one of those quite easily.

“Mistress, you still with me?”


“PENNY! Owe, shit…shhhh. Fucking tribal shit is killing me, even after that tea. Penny…”

“No…” Penelope dropped her head to his hard chest and moaned. This couldn’t be happening, not when she was this close to having her way with this gorgeous Aussie.

“No, you’re not with me, luv?”

“No, I mean, yes I’m with you just give me a minute, okay?”

Penelope slid down and, dayum, down until her feet hit the cold ground of the pick-up and drop off area. Along the way she’s missed their departure from the toasty interior of the airport which shouldn’t surprise her since she had his arms to keep her warm.


“Danny, you are supposed to be in jail, waiting for me to get here. Why aren’t you in jail?” She tried to keep her voice as even as she could get, but hot Aussie and feather in one hand and Danny the mink in the other…damn she wanted her hot Aussie.

“Some spirit guide or care bear something or other sprung me, but I’ve had enough. Take me home…Nick said you had to take me home.”

“Nick, when did you talk to Nick?”

“Little bit ago…he told me what flight you were on…”

Nick, that son of a bitch. Probably didn’t want to pay for her spa stay…

“Mistress, it appears that you have your hands full and I should go.”

“No…please, I-I can find something to do with him and we can, no will, have our leather and feather veg out.” Geez, now she was begging, not very Domme of her.

“Another time, another place, Mistress.”

His kiss this time was sweet, a definite let down from the things she’d been going to demand from his mouth. As he walked away, it dawned on her that she had no idea what his name was.

“Wait. Wait,” she called, moving towards where he’d stopped. “I don’t know what to call you?”

“How about I tell you that, next time.”

She watched him walk away, hand in his pocket and taunting her with what she was sure would have been the best ass she’d ever bit, while an annoying little mink whined in her ear.

“Penny, take me home.”

Penelope reached down, grasped Danny’s balls and held them with a firm grip. “Don’t call me Penny. Ma’am will do just fine. And Danny…”

“Yes, Ma’am.” His squeaky response brought a bit of a smile to her face.

“It’s time we taught you some manners.”


Rebecca Murray said...

Burgess the tease? Now that is hot! So just what is Misstress going to teach our wayward finky mink?

Serena Shay said...

Yep, Burgess the tease...I thought Penelope was going to drop dead on me when he decided to leave. I sure would not want to be in Danny's shoes right now! LOL

She can still get a hold of that feather and I don't know about you, but I'd agree to anything just to get someone to stop tickling me... ~evil grin~

Savanna Kougar said...

No, nooooooo... find a TSA agent who keep will the mink in the clink because he's a threat to security...Penny, no, don't let that Penguin go... grab his tail feathers!

Pat C. said...

No! No no no! Penelope, you can't let him just walk away! Steal a car, throw Danny in the trunk and drive after him if you have to! A hot Aussie penguin only comes around once in a lifetime! (I'm sure he comes a lot more often ... you know what I mean. I've been writing too much M/M lately.)

I'm curious what kind of feather Penelope would produce. Parrot? Peacock? A two-foot multihued parrot feather with a turquoise "eye" on the end? She must be spectacular in bird form, like the NBC Peacock or something.

Serena Shay said...

Oh I know, ladies, I told Penelope she was cracked to let the Aussie go, but did she listen...nope. His kisses must have knocked her loopier than I'd thought! muahahaha

Pat, Penelope is quite spectacular in her bird form. Smaller than a peacock, larger than a parrot with long peacock like tail feathers that run all the colors of the rainbow... I think eventually she will knock a certain monochrome birdy on his fine, feathered butt. ;)