Saturday, January 8, 2011

More please, Sir.

“Can I have some more---” Danny hesitated looking around. Spirit Bear sat at the opposite end of the table reading last week’s Guts and Butts Sunday Edition.

“Some more what, youngin’?” Spirit Bear looked over the top of the paper and his glasses. “More food? Sex? Tea? What?”

Danny gulped and lifted his plate. “Scrambled eggs and toast. The tea was okay. I wish my queasy stomach would stay settled.”

Spirit Bear smiled as he laid the paper aside. “Hunger is part of the healing process. Once your body is nourished and at peace. Your soul hungers for discipline and routine. I see an editorial by Nick talking about workers knowing their place while earning their keep. Who have you angered now?”

He took Danny’s plate and refilled it. Reaching the table, he faced Danny.

“Angered?” Danny accepted the plate full of food from Spirit Bear. In between bites, he sipped more tea. “Why no one.”

“My young pervert,” Spirit Bear began, shaking his head. “Do not lie. Untruths will curdle the belly and punish you in ways you know nothing about.”

“Curdle the belly?” Danny forked more food into his mouth, chewing as he watched Spirit Bear with guarded eyes. Had Nick taken him to task and in the paper? Shit, what did Tongson know? Could he be bluffing?

“Tribal foods and drink during ceremonies are laced with magic and power. You ingested quite a bit. The effects can be far reaching. Remember this.” Spirit Bear returned to his chair. He glanced at Danny and sighed.


The holidays are past and we are moving toward middle of January already. Time is moving on.
Hope you're having fun making and deciding on your resolutions. Looks like Danny is needing to make a few of his own.

Take time to relax, have fun, read a good book, and spend time with those you care about and love.

Have a great weekend!



Rebecca Murray said...

I am really enjoying the interaction between Danny and Spirit Bear. Thanks for the great Saturday morning coffee-read, Solara!

Savanna Kougar said...

Ah, yes, Spirit Bears knows what he speaks of... especially knowing truths about yourself.

Solara, have a great weekend.

Pat C. said...

Rut-roh ... Danny appears to have literally bitten off more than he should have chewed. How will the magic manifest?

Out of all the relationships so far, I like this one best. And it doesn't even have sex in it!

Solara said...

Thank you Ladies. Serena's post yesterday took Danny away from where I thought he was going and stuck him back in the middle of trouble again. So I twisted the tail to match up to hers prior to his taking off for the airport. Who knows what might happen with him after Penelope gets done with him? *BUUBHHAHAHAHA*

Serena Shay said...

Nice job, Solara! Spirit Bear is a great character...such a dry sense of humor. I love it!

Yes, Penelope is, erm, not really happy with the young mink. ;) We were both quite surprised to see him pop up at the airport yesterday. hehe