Saturday, January 22, 2011

Tales Of Passion, Hearts of Joy

Mickey pulled back the shower curtain and reached for her robe. Instead she encountered a warm hand. She jumped and squealed. "Who's there?"

Pushing her wet hair out of her eyes, she squinted and blinked. Warmth crept up her neck and flooded her cheeks before worming its way back down to her belly. Unsure what to say or do, she tried to cover her nudity with the shower curtain.

Night Hawk smiled at Mickey's reaction. He knew she wouldn't think he'd be waiting for her, ready to assist her out of the tub. Spirit Bear's two bedroom condo overlooked the heart of the city and offered a spectacular view. But its bathroom presented obstacles Mickey didn't deal with in her tribal home. "Come and let me help you."

Mickey shook her head no and pointed toward the open door. "What are you doing in here?"
Her hand trembled with each word and gesture.

Night Hawk held her robe out to her. "I'm taking care of you as Spirit Bear and the powers-that-be decreed. Come now and put this on before you chill."

Mickey pulled the curtain tighter around her. "Put it down and leave. I can do it by myself."

Night Hawk shook his head and moved toward her. "No, young doe. I'm the protector. You must listen---"

Mickey's hiss and yowl echoed through out the bathroom. "I'm not helpless. Nor are you my appointed master."

Night Hawk cringed on her last word. Spirit Bear's instructions were extensive and detailed. No woman or man wanted to yield to anyone without a reason. Perhaps this is why Danny fled. Love made one crazy. And passion made craziness multiply. Still his job remained. Keep Mickey safe and mind the store until Spirit Bear returned.

"Fine," Night Hawk tossed the robe on the bathroom counter. "I await you in the bedroom. Regardless, we share a bed here. See if I offer the warmth of my body and snuggles when you wake in the night cold with need."

He turned and stalked out the door. Passion and joy two sides of two different emotions. How the hell could they be misconstrued or even close together, he didn't know.


Cold (another four letter word!) permeates the air across the land. Find your warm spice and friends to snuggle with and share warmth. In amongst all that share and caring, read a couple of good books together and take time out to discuss what you've read.

Have a great weekend!



Savanna Kougar said...

Methinks, Night Hawk is in need of a better wooing technique with the fair lady, Mickey.

Snuggling is always a good thing when it's cold. ~smiles~

Rebecca Murray said...

I love how you can mate two characters come so very alive in only a few hundred words, Solara! Nicely done!

Pat C. said...

Poor Night Hawk, struggling with the eternal question of "What do women want?" Good luck with that.

Nevertheless, I sense snuggling in the future.

Solara said...

Thank you gals! I think Night Hawk and Danny will be sharing commiserations about women and love over a few beers before this story ends. Spirit Bear is going to have a few questions of his own to ponder before all is said and done. I hear a certain female owl shape shifter is looking for him.

Serena Shay said...

Nice job, Solara! Sounds like Night Hawk and Mickey have a few things to resolve before Danny comes back. ;)

Savanna Kougar said...

Ooooh, an owl shapeshifter. Luv it!