Saturday, January 15, 2011


Spirit Bear tossed the tablet on the counter and growled. "Why, my young pervert? Why?"

Shaking his head, he walked to the rear of the store and opened the double doors leading to the loading dock. "Night Hawk, can you and Mickey watch the store for a few hours?"

Night Hawk bound up the loading dock stairs. His eyes roved over the dock and back to Spirit Bear. "Yes, Shaman. We can do this."

Spirit Bear reached out and touched Night Hawk's shoulder. "Be careful what you say away from the tribe. None know of my power and prowess here in the city."

"Too many eyes and ears to take in secrets and covet what is not theirs to have." Night Hawk nodded as he spoke.

"Do not judge humans too harshly. They are part of us and in many ways we them. Our human half understands our magic and power in ways full humans cannot. Jealousy and ambition mask the real fear." Spirit Bear moved into the store, stopping close to the door marked office.

"What is the real fear?" Night Hawk opened the door, smiling as Mickey looked up.

"Fear of not belonging. Not being accepted and valued. Many think to acquire and horde. They seek to build up that which they cannot find in themselves." Tongson moved into the office.

"Mickey, thank you for updating my accounting system and entering all the data."

"You're welcome Sha---" Mickey hesitated seeing Night Hawk's vigorous head shake.

"Night Hawk, please sit down so I can quickly explain what I need you and Mickey to do." Spirit Bear rounded his desk and opened two drawers.

Tossing several forms on the desk, he motioned Mickey and Night Hawk closer. "On the shelves are several tomes in ancient languages. Mark the number we have on this form. The Magic Institute in Montreal wants to borrow a few for a display on magic and superstition. Without knowledge of what period and time, I am not sure letting magic information out of the tribe's reach is a good thing."

"I can take care of that." Mickey picked up the form.

"Night Hawk, please inventory the set of books and spell casting reference books in the case closest to the front. They are mundane and beginners level. There might be a book or two there that the Institute can use." Night Hawk reached for his form.

"Remember if anyone asks how you know me, I am a great uncle." Spirit Bear opened one more drawer. He pulled out a black bag and began packing crystals and two animal images in it.

"What do you take with you?" Night Hawk and Mickey watched intently.

"I take power with me." Tongson held up two blue crystals. "These will show me where Danny fled. The red one will show me his heart."

"Why did he flee? I don't understand." Mickey's sad face tugged at Tongson's heart.

"Ah, my young doe. Danny fled because he's scared. Change and acceptance are not easy for one who has not known either." Tongson pulled on his coat and slung his bag over his shoulder.

"Acceptance is better than loneliness. Belonging is what we all seek." Night Hawk helped Mickey to her feet.

"Yes, my children. Except Danny is afraid. His heart changes as we speak. He could not leave without a note and thanks. I suspect he will be back." Tongson reached the door and turned. "And of his own free will too."


Mid January and snow (that miserable four letter word) is flying around all over. Even Hawaii has snow. How the world and climate can still amaze us!

Danny is off on an adventure that has me even wondering if he's lost his mind. Tune in as his story continues. Spirit Bear is following him. Let's hope neither ends up in something over their head.

Share a book or two with your loved ones and friends. Take time to enrich your mind and heart.

Have a great weekend!



Rebecca Murray said...

So what is the young pervert up to, I wonder. Thanks for the great post, Solara!

Pat C. said...

No, Danny, no! Don't blow it now! I can't believe I'm actually rooting for the finky mink.

We've only had one substantial snowfall and already I wish it was spring. I should move down to Florida and sponge off my brother.

Savanna Kougar said...

Ah, the ancient magic. How we have all been deprived of the truth, and to no good end.

Still, snow here. But, at least, it's not frigid temps. I dunno about Florida. Depends on which part... given a tsunami or hurricanes could basically wipe it out. Or torrential rains.

Savanna Kougar said...

Spirit Bear is looking very handsome and magnificent in that pic. ~smiles~

Solara said...

Well Serena's muse has something a float. I'm pacing my entry off hers. Maybe our muses are in coots together. Either way, Danny is going to learn another lesson or two I believe.

Little snow here which means ice when it does storm. I hope we have a mild February. Mid-Atlantic can get clobbered then.

Thanks ladies!

Serena Shay said...

Oh, sounds like Mickey and Night Hawk miss their little mink. Not to worry, Penelope and Burgess will take good care of him and if my muse is right, they will be teaching him to be a giving member of a triad. ;)

Great post, Solara!