Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Moon, New Year Predictions by Gypsy Red Wolf

Howling wow, here we are, shapeshifter lovers, at the beginning of a new year. Well yip-yip, what newspaper can resist publishing a predictions column for 2011? Obviously, the Guts and Butts Gazette is no exception.

New Moon, New Year Predictions by Gypsy Red Wolf

Ah, my wolfen brethren, yes...yes, my crystal ball is clearing now. There it is...the yellow snow is disappearing. ~yip-yip laughs~

But, sniffing-seriously, during this time of the new year and the new moon...in this time of the dark moon within the first fire sign of Aries, ancient wisdom dictates it will be fortuitous to charge forward with your highest hopes and dreams. Take the prey by the back of the neck, and shake, so to speak, until your most prized goal is off the ground and running full out.

Omy, dear wolf ones, I see an exciting year ahead for all of us. No, none of us will be spared the trials and great tribulations ahead. Yet, the triumphs gained will outweigh a herd of elk. Remember that, all my special spirit cubs.

Of course, I remain available as your personal psychic advisor.

Ah, yes, how the mighty will fall in this year of 2011. From the top of their pinnacles they will be dropped from the stern snapping jaws of the Mother Wolf Goddess. Yet, heed this roar of caution before your howling cheers reach the summit.

At first, it will seem as if the ‘big bad wolf boys’...and, don’t we all grrring-know who ‘they’ are...wait! Yes, yes, I am seeing it even more clearly, my moon-singing friends...it will look like the pack-brokers at the top of Talbot’s Peak are prevailing in their bid for more throat-grabbing and gut-slicing power.

Their sinister plans are in full play. And still, there is another dark enemy that threatens our beloved Talbot’s Peak. Stripes...stripes are forming. Think: Return of the Evil Ninja. And watch out for those Ginsu claws, my precious loup-garous.

As times become more and more challenging in 2011, remember what the good book advises: “pride goeth before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall”. Or those with false pride and a corrupt spirit will fall to their destruction. The Mother Wolf Goddess knows who you are, and her jaws are omnipresent and fearsome.

To that deserved end...oh! Woof, Woof and tail-wagging flirtation...do I see some handsome alpha champions who have recently arrived to fight for our free shifting town.

And...rumbling-growl yum, I also see a rebel hero among us. No, I will not reveal any identities. Suffice it to say, our own hero alphas, will leap to the fight, as well, their fangs slavering and bared against our foes.

And, no, I must not leave out our shapeshifter brethren and friends. For, many of them are our allies in these dark-to-light times. So, be kind and extend a friendly inclusive paw.

Ah, now to the all-important question. What about LOVE? Oh, I do see good news on the romantic front. During what some of us fortune tellers are calling, The Year of Winter, many of us in Talbot’s Peak will curl up before the fireplace with new mates.

Yes, love will find a way during 2011. Despite the tumultuous and dangerous days before 2012, many of us will be joining with our mates. However, the path will be anything but smooth.

Still, take much hope when love appears to have deserted you. This year, the heart takes center stage. For, the sacred Universe is broadcasting the love vibration as never before.

To celebrate this New Year’s love vibration, you are invited to the Interspecies Pleasure Club, where I will be the featured dancer every Saturday night.

Your Gypsy Red Wolf

~ Psychic to the Furry, Feathered, Amphibian and Scaled Shifter ~



Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance ~


Rebecca Murray said...

B-hahaha! I love it. And now I've got a new flash to post tomorrow and maybe try to work into my story.

Serena Shay said...

Woo Hoo...rebel heroes at home and afar, action and adventure on the rise and love vibrations! Thank you, Gypsy Red Wolf! My futures looking bright, indeed! - Zeva Wilk

Savanna Kougar said...

Hey, Rebecca, yay! for a new flash tomorrow.

Savanna Kougar said...

Zeva, my friend, when will I see you at the Pleasure Club?

Pat C. said...

Warnings, hints, and the rebel hero ... this blog or something similar should be used as the intro to the anthology. Maybe Gypsy Red Wolf can be the overarching narrator who ties it all together?

Another red wolf? Does Jamie know her? And she dances at the Pleasure Club? Funny, I was just thinking Lamar does too. Those snakes are so sinuous in their movements. Two red wolves and a fur-loving snake ... that might mean another threesome for Volume II.

Savanna Kougar said...

Pat, Gypsy Red Wolf could be a moderator, as you suggest. And, she, of course, adores Lamar, as his colorful snake self and as a dancer... she has only met Jamie recently, since he arrived at Talbot's Peak.

However, a threesome is not in her particular card deck, so to speak... ah, the mystery shifter man who can win her desires... HOWEVER, she does have a red wolf gypsy cousin, Mirakesh, who would be perfect for Lamar and Jamie, should they want a threesome in Volume II.

Pat C. said...

I was thinking in terms of reproduction. Red wolves are rare, and a lady wolf in search of cubs could do worse than Jamie as a sire. Lamar, of course, would want to watch. And take pictures.

Savanna Kougar said...

Pat, you made my day, as far as laughing in a good way! Just the thought of Lamar taking pictures while Jamie does the humping deed...

So, Gypsy Red Wolf isn't in the cub-producing mood. She's having way too much fun dancing, and tantalizing the patrons at the Pleasure Club.

HOWEVER, her cousin, Mirakesh, is also a red wolf and she's into exhibition. Lamar taking pictures, shooting a vid, would turn her even wilder with lust. Though, Mirakesh is also demanding and wants more than a hump or two just to produce cubs.