Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Blade Runner ~ Rabbit With a Rapier

Yeah, you try finding a decent picture of a rabbit holding his nano-tech blade.

Greetings, Shapeshifter lovers, may tomorrow’s Full Moon in the water sign of Cancer assist you in bringing forth the practical goal you desire most.

Last week, Blade Runner, my outer space rabbit shapeshifter, made his first appearance in Talbot’s Peak. I get to blame the following flash scene on our beloved Pat Cunningham.

And, I quote from last week: “A kick-ass bunny in a world of carnivores ... yeah, he'd better be tough. I'd love to see him take down one of the Tiger Yakuza. Then head out for the Pleasure Club for some time with the ladies afterwards.”

Okay, the scene didn’t quite turn out that way. However, Pat is very inspiring.

Rabbit With a Rapier

Blade Runner slid his translucent weapon from his sleeve. The flash of movement temporarily halted the rapid stealthy approach of a Ninja type – so he assumed by his study of Earth warriors, movies included.

The pungent-meat smell of tiger caused panic to grip his belly. That is, before his warrior training kicked in, and the power of his legs doubled.

With the Goddess Moon nearing her full display of beauty, Blade caught the shadow-like movements easily. By the hungry odor of the tiger ninja, he knew he was being hunted as prey. Not as an enemy.

On the trail of a wealthy heiress who frequented the Interspecies Pleasure Club of late, he’d obviously stepped into more of a turd-pile situation than he’d bargained for.

Aware it was too late to make a weaving dash for it, or summon up his ability to time-phase, Blade stood his ground in the large clearing near the club.

He sliced the night air with his wand-slim weapon, preparing to win. Super-speed moving from tree to tree, the tiger human stalked him.

With ultra-quick precision, Blade performed a series of martial art moves. Prism colors ribboned from the swift spin of his weapon. Still, the hidden tiger looked for his opportunity to attack, and dine.

Sensing the ninja’s rush toward his back, Blade whirled. He met the tiger-man’s leaping flight, and their blades collided. In a frenzy of moves, they counter-attacked each other, looking for weaknesses.

Using the clearing as a battle arena, they moved back and forth in near silence. The punishing blows of their blades as they struck each other only fueled Blade.

With his blood a ferocious heat, he jumped, kicked off his expensive loafers, and formed his rabbit feet. Whirling like a mini cyclone, the ninja morphed to part tiger, part human. He sprang, his fangs shining in the moonlight.

Blade spun across the clearing with his own tornadic force. Leaping high, he whipped around in mid air. As the tiger-headed ninja launched, ready to snap him in half, Blade thumped him between the eyes. Hard.

Huge claws scraped his sides and Blade rapidly pistoned his legs, kick-boxing the beast’s eyes. With a split second’s advantage, he threw his weight forward, plunging his weapon between the tiger’s glazed, but savagely feral eyes.

Even though, it rubbed his ears the wrong way, he let go of his prized blade to somersault backward, then land on his feet. Jerking it free would not have allowed him to stand clear as he did now.

“It won’t kill him.” The feminine voice confidently spoke from behind him.

Blade dived for his weapon. Pulling it free, he whirled to face another possible enemy. However, a wolfen man he recognized as Brandon Wayne’s good friend, and the G&B crime reporter, approached.

“Quite a story, if I were to write it for the Guts and Butts Gazette.” White Fang’s dry tone was a good-natured tease. Although, his expression remained close to grim. “There’s a special containment area for members of the Yakuza I’m aware of. I’ll take care of it. Go see to your wounds. Blade Runner, isn’t it?”

Tilting his head in formal acknowledgment, Blade straightened to his full height, then bowed his head slightly. “Yes, that is my name, Mr. Kent.” Instinctively knowing when to leave well enough alone, especially since it involved the Yakuza, he added. “Thank you.”

“You can thank my associate, Xakara. She heard your fight as she passed by.”

“Your hearing must be superior.” Blade bowed at the waist, as the diminutive woman minced over the forest floor toward him.

Dainty in the extreme, her filmy garments fluttered around her like the mists of his meadowland home, now three light years away. Unabashedly, Blade stared at the beautiful, orb-round shape of her breasts. He honored her tiny waist, then the ripe flare of her hips with his appreciative gaze.

Once Xakara stood before him, she smiled like a vixen. Blade wondered if she was a fox shifter, even though, he detected no telltale scent. Instead, the fragrance of summer wildflowers enveloped him, and made him want to roll with her all night long.

“Blade Runner,” she sang soft as a breeze. Her eyes were pure sorcery as she gazed at him. The large shimmering pools, the color of smoke and wild iris, invited him to dive in for a vigorous and lengthy swim.

“At your service, most lovely one.” Cupping her delicate hand inside his, he lifted her palm to his lips and touched a kiss. “If you’ll excuse me a moment.”

Keeping his gaze fastened on Xakara, Blade took a few steps back. He shifted back to full human, the cold ground reminding him he was barefoot.

Thinking to recover his loafers later, he raised his arms. With a twirl of his weapon, and flick of his wrist, he placed the blade back inside his sleeve pocket.

“Oooh, a rabbit with a rapier,” Xakara cooed. “From what I witnessed your fighting prowess is impressive, Blade Runner.”

She swayed toward him, while his male ego expanded to the size of the universe. “Are you as talented,” she paused, her gaze alighting on his fluffed cock, “with another rapier?”

“I am a rabbit, lovely one. You’ve never heard of our well-deserved mating reputation?” he bantered.

“Your shoes, Blade Runner,” White Fang hollered. An instant later, they landed beside him. “You’re safe inside the club. Xakara will take care of you.”

“I will.” With obvious flirtation, she shook her cascading waves of ebony hair, then slanted a seductive look at him.

Fascinated by the silvery blue shimmer of her tresses, Blade couldn’t determine if it was the magic of the moonlight, or because of her kind – still a mystery to him.

Their hands met and clasped. Blade had never felt this weightless over a woman.



Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance ~


Savanna Kougar said...

Hi to myself.

Rebecca Murray said...

Hi Savanna's self! (waves wildly)

Serena Shay said...

Blade Runner and Xakara, nice combo! Rabbit/fox amore, now that should lead to some sexy, scary moments in the bedroom! Nibbling may take on a whole new seduction. hehehehe

Great post, Savanna!

Rebecca Murray said...

Smart alecky comments aside, I did like the post. I just couldn't think of anything not smart alecky to say. It almost ended up another silly Dr. Sues rhyme about a tiger and a hare.

Savanna Kougar said...

Rebecca, waving wildly back!!!

Dr. Sues is one of my faves... it does have its smart aleck side, but all the more fun.

Savanna Kougar said...

Serena, Blade just might be the rabbit to handle it... in all the right places. Xakara seems quite taken with him.

Pat C. said...

Yeah, that's right, blame it on me. I almost wrote a Blade/tiger scene myself, but opted for Brand and Leona instead because Blade is your character. Good thing, I see. Saved myself from writing a fight scene. Trust your instincts, young Skywalker!

I can't help with the technoblade thing, but try Googling "Usagi Yojimbo" for images of a kick-ass bunny with a samurai sword. Do not mess with the Rabbit Ronin.

Speaking of which, looks like Bre'r Fox (Sister Vixen?) is about to drag ol' Bre'r Rabbit into the briar patch. Somebody's going to give their itch a good scratching ...

Savanna Kougar said...

Pat, I'm glad you wrote Leona and Brand because, selfishly, I had a hankerin' for 'em. Plus, Devon and Rakshasi were perfect.

I have to admit I like writing a fight scene in balance with the characters and the story itself. I'll blame that on my Aries sun sign.

I may have to intro my Tigress Shapeshifter, Kytaira, to a cameo role in Talbot's Peak. Just to be fair to tigers, and because stat-wise one of her flashes seems to be popular.

Pat C. said...

Whose side will she be on? Will we get a love/hate/conflict-to-cuddle scene between her and Blade? You should always be careful about letting me inspire plots.

Savanna Kougar said...

Yes, Pat, I must beware of your 'special' brand of inspiration... however, I doubt Kytaira's Black Tiger will allow a Rabbit, no matter his charming prowess, to out-mate him.

Rebecca Murray said...

Mmm... the kitty and her drive to be the winner vs the bunny and his natural ability to out-mate anything. Add a little mutual attraction and a dash of suspense then stir wildly. That could really be a fun one!

Savanna Kougar said...