Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Blade Runner ~ Rabbit Shapeshifter

An homage to Harvey, the giant invisible rabbit.

Greetings Shapeshifter lovers, currently my thoughts are a mishmash. And, I even have a good reason. I spent a good portion of the day battling a snowfall, and the resulting accumulation. Yeah, it was one of those times I had to get out and get stuff done before even worse weather moved in.

BTW, anyone ever found a rabbit under the hood of their car, van, etc.? I’ve never found a rabbit under my hat, but yesterday before I left, I started the minivan, then opened the hood to check the antifreeze level. Suddenly, I was staring at a rabbit. I screamed because it was so unexpected. Poor bunny, a cottontail, scrambled and dived out the way it had probably gotten in, at the back of the engine block. It was a tight squeeze, but I’m assuming, hoping Bunny is okay, and in a better comfy spot.

With the Chinese Year of the Rabbit on the near horizon, I had to wonder if this was spiritually significant. Maybe, as I suspect from other happenings, Rabbit wants his/her own shapeshifter story. Yes, I have a few WIPs. One of them deals with the Rabbit as time traveler, which is a traditional role for Rabbit in some cultural myths.

So, can a Rabbit Shapeshifter survive in Talbot’s Peak, a town owned by a Werewolf pack?

Blade Runner ~ Rabbit Shapeshifter

Banished from the Mother Ship because of his lackadaisical, don’t-give-hop performance, Blade Runner maneuvered his flight sphere into the densest part of the forest that surrounded Talbot’s Peak.

So he’d made a deal to get a lighter sentence, and agreed to report on the inner workings of Earth’s shapeshifter community. Turds, he was better off avoiding the hungry fangs of the werewolf population than patrolling the Warren workstations.

As a quality control officer, he’d been cross-eyed with boredom. Overseeing who did their job well, and who wasn’t up to hippity-hop par, had long since lost its appeal as a route for advancement.

Using his mental prowess, Blade settled the plasma light sphere within a huge thorny thicket close to the underground cavern he’d claimed as his own. It hadn’t taken that long to spook the trolls into leaving for good.

Given the sphere adjusted its size, Blade generally traveled as his rabbit self. It made him less of a target for UFO hunters, ghost hunters, and the black ops squads. Now, he hopped through the plasma skin, and entered his cavern home.

Minutes later, he’d shifted to human form and dressed in a sleek, about-town suit. The dark chocolate color emphasized his brown eyes and matched his slicked-back hair. In contrast his open, white silk shirt showed off his Latte-colored skin.

After a glance at himself in his makeshift holo mirror, Blade reached for the weapon that was his trademark. The slim nano-platinum blade was the length of his forearm. He slipped it neatly into the hidden pocket of his sleeve.

When it came to the weapon’s use, no other Rabbit Warrior had ever defeated him in sports combat. He’d retained the title, First Blade, for so long, the name had stuck like a fur-buried burr.

Moving to the only empty area of his comfort-filled home, Blade time-phased into the hallway outside of Nick’s office. No time like the present to convince the editor of the Guts and Butts Gazette he needed a reporter who had access to the highest social circles, unlike the butt-sniffing, gossip-mongering Maggie.

“Where the scat-hell did you come from?” Nick snarled. His eyes glowed dangerously, and the points of his fangs gleamed.

Blade gave him a small unconcerned grin. He took a moment to casually adjust his suit jacket, then pointed straight up.

When Nick growled menacingly, and his claws burst out, Blade offered his hand, human style. “I’m an intergalactic traveler. I also travel in the elite social circles. Give Brandon Wayne a ring. He’ll give me the wingtips up.” Pausing an instant to assess the werewolf, he added, “Blade Runner is the handle.”

Ignoring Blade’s extended hand, Nick nodded toward his office. “Let’s talk more about your qualifications. You can also explain why you smell like a buck rabbit.” Pivoting toward the open door, Nick halted. “Enter at your own risk,” he growled over his shoulder. “I missed a meal.”

“I’m an extraterrestrial species and not palatable to your kind.”

“Yeah, yeah, save it for those who believe in that woo-woo, outer limits scat. If you got creds with the Big Bat I’m all pricked ears, Fluffy Tail.”

“Speaking of tail...” Blade did some sniffing of his own. “I can offer excellent advice on mating with the female of your choice.”

“Shut up!” Nick snapped his jaws. Indicating the chair before his desk, he growled, “Sit, humper thumper.”

Some ten minutes later, Nick stared at him with a dumbfounded expression. Not because the ‘Big Bat’ had verified his claim that he could report on the rich and famous from the inside, but because...

“A Star Trek Cottontail... well, ain’t that just grand. Welcome, Fluffy Tail, to Earth. But, you mess up here and I’ll not only fire your ass, I’ll eat it.”

Blade savored his urge to draw forth his version of a rapier, and prove to the werewolf his rabbit ass wasn’t so easily dined upon. However, he contented himself with the knowledge that he’d gotten precisely what he wanted. For now.

Hippity-hop, hippity-hop. A buck bunny like him wasn’t so easy to stop.



Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance ~


Rebecca Murray said...

Nick is just never going to catch a break, is he? Although, considering what they say about rabbits, he might do well to follow the mating advise of one...

Nice flash, Savanna!

Pat C. said...

A kick-ass bunny in a world of carnivores ... yeah, he'd better be tough. I'd love to see him take down one of the Tiger Yakuza. Then head out for the Pleasure Club for some time with the ladies afterwards.

Let me guess: in addition to his prowess with the blade, he's one hell of a kickboxer. Nick better watch his attitude or he's liable to get "thumped."

Savanna Kougar said...

Rebecca, yeah, Nick has all sorts of mating resources... the Love Wolfess and Blade, to name just two. Maybe, he'll listen for Zeva's sake???

Savanna Kougar said...

Pat, good plan. Blade wouldn't mind exercising his kick-ass ability to defend himself. And a night with the ladies... ones that wouldn't take a notion to devour him... well, he does possess a certain prowess, one that always satisfies.

Serena Shay said...

Nice rabbit! Nick better watch out and step up to the plate or Zeva might think she needs to move on to one sexy hare! ;)

Savanna Kougar said...

Serena, a sexy hare with sexy hair... lol, couldn't resist.

Yep, Nick better get his smarts in gear rather than just paying attention to the rut gear.