Friday, January 28, 2011

Love Is...

“Have you ever been in love, my little apẻritif?”

Danny’s blood boiled at Penny’s words and actions. How dare she make assumptions about him and ask questions about things as ridiculous as love. She stood before him, her finger curved around her upper lip; disappointment alive in her eyes. Did she view him as a thing instead of a person?

“Daniel, are you still with me?”

“What does love have to do with anything, ma’am?” It wasn’t as if there’d been an over abundance of the wishy-washy emotion in his life up to this point.

“Love is magical. Love heals our hearts and souls.”

“Bullshit, ma’am,” Danny squeaked. “Love is pain. It is a joke played on the young to keep them in line. Love is the emotion adults tout as a fix-it to anything that troubles you…”

“Daniel, stop! Love is special. It brings us trust and closeness…”

“No, Penny…what it brings is a hunter with a big, sharp knife to take your mother’s skin and drape it over some stinking monkey’s shoulders!”

Danny threw his hands over his mouth, shocked by what he’d just admitted to. Where had that come from? His past was something he’d hidden away inside himself and hadn’t shared with anyone until just now when he’d shared it with a dominant, female bird. What the hell was wrong with him?

Penny didn’t look any better. Her eyes were wide and filled with moisture she had yet to let fall. She’d paled and was covering her lips, now with all of her fingers rather than just one.

A knock at the door saved them both from continuing this conversation, but he knew they would come back to it at some point. He couldn’t flee this woman like he had the others as he needed her to get home, but perhaps he could convince her to leave sooner than she had obviously planned too.

“Ehem, apẻritif,” the gentle clearing of her throat offered up a chance to look away from her. “Please go into the bedroom, attend to your needs and then revert to your mink form. Wait for me on the bed. I will be there shortly.”


“Please, do as I say, Daniel and don’t incur a punishment tonight.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

Danny moved toward the back room as Penny went to the door. Why would she want him to become the mink…what did she plan to do to him in his alternate form?


Rebecca Murray said...

Oh hell. did you have to go and give us a good reason for the finkey mink being a shifty shifter? I liked not liking him, damnit! Oh, well.

Serena Shay said...

I know, Rebecca, Danny was fun to play with, but as I sat down to have Penelope get all Domme on him and help him learn to be a better mink...all these sad little whimpers and flashes of his past did a bit of writer's cock blocking me! Darn that slinky mink does have a reason for his naughtiness! ;)

Rebecca Murray said...

On the up side, it'll be fun to see how Penelope and Burgess "reform" him.

Serena Shay said...

Hehe...this is true, Rebecca. :)

Savanna Kougar said...

Ah, Danny, what a terrible trauma. Yes, most of us have those good reasons to act out. It's one thing if an animal passes naturally, then fur is a good thing.

Serena Shay said...

We sure do, Savanna. And it seems as though Danny's looking for help with his. :)

Pat C. said...

Dang. Don't you just hate it when the "bad guy" turns out to have a good side? It's like finding out Darth Vader likes kittens. Well, maybe not that extreme. Poor Danny.

Who's that at the door? Could it be Burgess has tracked down his peaparrot? And what could the two of them do to a sentient mink? This should be interesting.

Solara said...

Interesting take off here Serena. Too bad I am so tired or I'd follow suit. A rather long work week and commute from hell. See my Saturday post for more. Great job though and has me intrigued where I am going to take my portion next. Maybe a surprise post on Sunday.

Serena Shay said...

LMAO, Pat, The Darth loving up on some sweet that is a picture!

Hmmm...who could be at that door? ~wink~

Serena Shay said...

Thanks Solara. Oh mam, commutes from hell are the worst! Hope you get some relaxing down time this weekend and I'll be eagerly awaiting your take on Sun. Woot!