Friday, January 14, 2011

Aussie Game On!

“Buggering clacker,” Burgess wandered through the sea of parked cars wishing he could jog out his frustrations, but with the crack of fat in his pants he be more likely to hurt something he hoped to be using soon. “Whinging whacker!”

“I’ve always loved that about the souls down under, anger equals incomprehensible Australian slang.”

“Holy Dooley, Tongson, ya right bastard. Scared the cranky right out of me…it’s good to be seeing you, mate.” Here was the bloke the Elder Council had sent him up here to talk to about the Tiger Yakooza’s sticky fingering of their tutelaries. “Hang out in parking ramps often?”

“Only when I have to track down a naughty little pervert who thinks to escape his punishment.”

“I think I met your wee perv tonight, Tongson. Shifty little mink interrupted what could have been hours of raging submissive naughtiness that would leave me grinning like a shot fox for the rest of my time in this bloody cold dunny!”

“You know…” The Spirit Bear looked him over, top to bottom, and let him know with the twinkle of an eye that his own sexual hedonism’s were clearly on display. “I think, Elder Orgrove sent me just the right penguin to fix both our problems.”

“Does your plan include me skinning the little bugger and chaffering off his hide on the black market?” Yeah, he’d be willing to bet that soft little mink fur would be a real bargain to the right woman in this freezing land.

“Ha! You could definitely put the fear of the deities in my little pervert, but the more important lesson to be learned, I think, can come from the interaction between you and a certain colorful bird. You game, Aussie?”


Rebecca Murray said...

Very nice! You can just tell whatever Spirit Bear is going to do is going to be interesting.

Serena Shay said...

Thanks Rebecca, yep interesting and maybe a little naughty. ;)

Pat C. said...

Love it! Aussie penguins, spirit bears, and loads of Aussie slang. Now get the little pervert taken care of so Burgess can get back to his peaparrot.

Love that pic. Hope the penguin has a jet pack or something for a quick escape after the bear wakes up.

Savanna Kougar said...

Ooooh, Spirit Bear and Burgess... luv it! I think Danny potentially loosing his soft mink hide might be a wake up call, the little perv needs.

Plus, I'm thinking Burgess needs his own wake up call, quality lust time with his peaparrot.

Yeah, liking that Aussie slang, too.

That pic is too good!

Serena Shay said...

Burgess will definitely be getting back to his little fact, Tongson's plan requires both she and Burgess to be successful. ;) Danny maybe going to find out just what he can receive if he's willing to give. hmmmm

The Australian slang is a hoot to play with. Burgess' voice has been loud and has made me laugh at the strangest times lately with the words he uses! Hopefully he won't get carried away on me. hehe

Yep, Pat, he's going to need a jet pack for sure if he swings those cymbals, or maybe the iron man suit! ;)

Solara said...

Oh Lord non-coitus interruptus is upon us!! Poor Danny! I'm back to when Tongson finds out Danny's fled. I'm waiting to see what Serena cooks up and follow suite on it with her next post.