Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year, New Start

“Oh my head,” Danny groaned, clutching his head as the room spun around him. Grabbing the nearest receptacle, he rushed toward the bathroom hoping he didn’t need to toss his cookies again.

He leaned over the porcelain sink and squinted as he looked in the mirror ten minutes later. Blood shot eyes and tuffs of hair standing out all over his head greeted him. Two lines of varying sized hickeys ran up and down his neck. As he looked closer, his reflection revealed tooth and claw marks still faintly marking his shoulders and chest.

Flashes of the prior night ran through his mind. “No, I didn’t. Did I?”

Danny grimaced at his own voice. Any sound echoed through his poor brain and bounced off his growing headache. Footsteps and humming drew him from his frayed thoughts.

A heavy knock rattled the bathroom door. “Come out my young pervert. I’ve got something for you.” Spirit Bear eyed the closed door. He cocked his head and listened.

Poor Danny. Freedom after days of restraint and toeing the line must have been too much. Of course, tribal food and drink took moderation, which youngsters didn’t understand. Well maybe a few did, but many imbibed until intoxication claimed them. But a mink in heat and with two horny partners---suffice to say Danny’s choice of moderation hadn’t been food and drink.

A groan and the click of the door opening got Spirit Bear’s attention.

“I know you want to crawl in the toilet. Flush it and wash away the pain and icky feeling.” Spirit Bear bit his tongue to keep from laughing. Danny looked worse than the first time he’d seen him scared and ready to run.

“I tain’t drinking that.” Danny pointed to the tall steaming mug on the tray Spirit Bear carried.

“I guess you want to keep puking and banging your head on every sound you hear.” Spirit Bear crept closer and whispered. “Cuz I hear a certain female mink is looking to repeat last night’s performance in about an hour.’

Danny threw up his hand and yelled. “Hell no! My cock and balls hurt more than my ass. Even her boyfriend cried uncle half way through the second round.”

Spirit Bear burst out laughing. “Ah so you ate and drank to buy yourself recovery time. “

Danny nodded vigorously before clutching his head and groaning more. “Mink Goddess, I wish the room would quit spinning.” He clamped his hand over his mouth and turned back into the bathroom.

“Here my green one, drink.” Spirit Bear set the mug on the bathroom sink counter.

Danny arched an eyebrow at him and tried to look cockeyed. Spirit Bear snorted and snickered. “No young one, there are no magic spells or messages with it. Mint tea and a dollop of honey will help ease your stomach and throat. No hang over likes to leave without lasting impressions.”

Danny nodded and grumbled. “This hang over wants to move in permanently.” He grasped the mug and sipped. “Damn I know a few things for sure.”

“Oh?” Spirit Bear leaned on the sink, holding the tray by one hand. “What is this?”

“Being humble and asking for help is better than having to deal with this blasted hang over. Two---“ He paused and downed another quaff of tea. “Moderation sure sounds attractive compared to over indulgence.”

“I see.” Spirit Bear reached for the mug.

Danny pulled it back. “Let me finish it. . .please?”

“Fine, young one. Anything else you wish to expound upon?” Spirit Bear pressed his lips together to keep from grinning.

“Oh yeah,” Danny blurted in between slurps. “Sex is great and a lot of fun. But belonging and feeling wanted adds a hell of a lot more zing too it. The male mink and I hit it off.”

Spirit Bear patted Danny on the shoulder and accepted the empty mug. “Shower and meet me down stairs when you’re done. Breakfast will be waiting.”


Happy New Year Everyone! I hope you saw it in with someone you love. Let this year be full of peace, love, and joy. Remember to enjoy a few good books with your loves and share what you learn with others. Who knows what's next for the residents of Talbot's Peak, MT. Quite a few interesting stories are unfolding.

Have a great weekend!



Pat C. said...

I love how this story's unfolding. Poor Danny. At least he's learning something worthwhile, and he may have made a true connection with The Mink Who Cried Uncle (or Auntie?). Spirit Bear is rapidly becoming one of my favorite characters.

Savanna Kougar said...

Solara, HAPPY NEW YEAR! Yes, Spirit Bear is quite the intriguing master of his realm. And, oh boy, did Danny learn some much-needed BIG lessons.

Solara said...

Thanks Pat and Savanna! Spirit Bear aka Mr. Tongson is an intriguing character for sure. I see a bit of Mr. Migayi (spelling?) from Karate Kid (Pat Moriata) and a Native American Shaman in him. Don't know what is next for Danny. I know the Yakuza and Mr. Tongson are going to tangle if he finds his tome is in their hands.

Savanna Kougar said...

Oh, that would an interesting contest of powers, Spirit Bear Tongson versus the Tiger Yakuza.

Serena Shay said...

Oh Danny, overindulgence is a tricky bitch, is she not. hehe

Great post, Solara! Penelope seems to have a few good ideas on how to handle Mr. Mink...who knows, they might even meet up next week, though I doubt, very much, that it will make Burgess happy. ~wink~

Happy New Year!

Savanna Kougar said...

Ooo, an unhappy penguin with ruffled feathers...

Pat C. said...

I think it was Mr. Miyagi. Wax on, wax off!